iPad Stop Motion

This past summer during the week long Summer Tech Camp, we spent an afternoon doing stop motion animation with the iPads, using the Stop Motion Studio app and lots of craft materials. Here are some of the creations…  

Hello world!

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Three times per year the Digital Creation Spaces offer classes to introduce you to Adobe Creative Suite and Camtasia. These introductory classes will show you how to navigate the workspace, do some basic work, and give you the tools you need to begin your digital creation journey. While the instructors are available for one-on-one meetings,…

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Teen volunteers in TDCS

Created by Teen Volunteer Yana S.The Teen Digital Creation Spaces utilizes teen who have some experience (not experts!) with Adobe Creation Suite to offer assistance in the Teen DCS. Through the Volunteers in Plano program, teens can accumulate volunteer hours by helping others with their digital creation projects. These volunteers also works on projects for…

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